Perjanjian Dagang Internasional

Mata kuliah Perjanjian Dagang Internasional hanya ditawarkan sekali dalam setahun, di semester Genap.  Materi perkuliahan dapat di unduh disini:

An Introduction to International Commercial Contracts/Agreements

Drafting an International Business Contract

The Process of Drafting an International Commercial Contract

Basic Principles in International Business Contracts

Basic Anatomy of International Business Contract


3 responses to “Perjanjian Dagang Internasional

  1. Putri Arnita Rahmaniar

    Sir, I’d like to have all your International Commercial Contracts’ lecture materials, but i just cant download it from here because they wouldn’t open. If you don’t mind, would you send them to my email for the mid-test? thank you before.

  2. Iman Prihandono

    Thanks for visiting. The Blog is fine, I have tried to re-check it. There is no problem with downloading all of the lecture materials above. So, you may try to download again now.

  3. Thank You sir..
    i’ve download all the “PDI” materials..

    Yuda Yustisia…

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